T.E. Corner and The PMA Partners

The story behind T.E. Corner and the PMA Partners...

The PMA Partners initially started out as Kind Touch (www.kindtouchonline.com) in 2009. At the time T.E. Corner was working in the Financial Services industry as a wholesaler for one of the nation's largest insurance companies. An industry replete with strong personalities and big egos Kind Touch was inspired by a hidden desire to move people to kindness, a monumental feat in an industry fueled by greed and fear. 

T.E.’s core theme was ‘in the course of a single day, we come in contact with many different people.  

our actions, or inactions, leave an impact on every single person we come in contact with…is your impact a positive one?’

An introvert at heart he quickly embraced the power of persuasion through the spoken word. More like a ’sheep in wolf’s clothing’ he found a way to fit into a world of assertive and influential professionals.

After years of perfecting his trade he continued to embrace the power of the spoken word. Intrigued with Dr. Wayne Dyer’s message of positivity and love and inspired by the speaking prowess of Steve jobs he combined their two styles into his personal approach to speaking and leading.

T.E.’s vision was a combination of passion and persuasiveness (Steve Jobs) married with inspiration and purpose (Dr. Wayne Dyer). His journey continued as he persisted in finding a way to uplift and inspire with peace, love and acceptance.

Kind Touch transformed into The PMA Partners four years later with the tagline “The endorsers of a Positive Mental Attitude!” focusing on the Physical and Mental aspects of life, business and health. 

Ask T.E. about his journey and the fascinating psychological evolution of his career, website and writing.

Sending you love and happiness!